Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trust of many kinds

One of the things people are always going on about in BDSM relationships is trust. As we are aware trust is one of the cornerstones of a M/s relationship. It is also one of those things that one regards with a weary, jaundiced eye, mainly because He does stuff all the time that do anything but instil trust. Those bloody little pantomimes are the least of it too.

See the thing is we survive quite well with only minimal levels of it... 'cos He is just as bad. Picture this... We are curled up after some depraved little sexual act and while moving, the lips accidently graze His erect nipple. He growls at one is a warning manner. Now utterly mortified, one hastens to say that one is quite aware of the rules about taking a playful nip, and that generally one is quite obedient. Frankly His lack of trust is very hurtful L

He replies that the use of words like generally, mostly, usually, occasionally convince him that one is not to be trusted all the time. Subsequently one is not to be trusted. INTJ logic, you have to love it J Poking around further it seems though that He has fundamental trust (his words) on certain things... that one will not leave, that we will always talk things out and that He can always talk without it destroying the relationship.

It would seem He has no doubts over things that can be attributed to the enslavement process... 'cos one is not actually capable of tootling out the door and He knows it. There seems to be issues with the things that can be put down to poor impulse control. And truth be told He is not wrong... it does take every ounce of self control to not sink the little fangs in. Forewarned is forearmed because trust shouldn't actually require you to suspend all common sense...

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