Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good news, bad news

In his infinite wisdom and mercy He has said that one may sell the zappy toy. Of course the proceeds are going to one of these. Which really isn't an improvement as far as one can see. In fact listening to His plans one is convinced it is anything but L

See not so long ago He thought it might be interesting to improve one's shopping choices with a little training. Ironically using the same device. After doing some research He thinks it might be fun to extend it to movies and music. He figures that a few jolts at pertinent times will help one's more Bevan taste in these things. Seriously all those action movie and Cold Chisel fans can't be wrong and besides... ambient music? Really?

Meanwhile He is amusing himself with administering a bedtime flogging and fucking. The idea of sending one to bed each night with a sore arse appeals to him no end. Still, given the options...

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