Sunday, June 12, 2011

Regrets, there are a few

Actually for a person who has always lived life to the full there are very few. In fact the only one at the moment is a practical one. And a small one at that. So small in fact that it barely counts as a regret, yet still one mourns the decision.

When we renovated the bathroom there was no overhead light. Subsequently we kept the strip lights and installed an enormous mirror as a way to visually get around the miniscule bathroom. It meant that there was nowhere to put a couple of modern conveniences. Now one of those was an extractor fan, which with external walls that are nearly a foot thick and eves you can't access easily due to the pitch of the roof, was more of an ease thing. The other one though is usually attached to the lights and extractor fan as part of a single unit, and that is a heater.

At the time the thinking was its Queensland... for the short time we have winter it's not worth it. Well winter had arrived with a bit of a vengeance.  And now one is spending more quality time in the bathroom with enemas, lube and assorted butt plugs, it is a decision one is coming to regret. With every fibre of one's shivering, naked form L


SBF said...

Too funny!!

agog said...

*hugs* I feel you on this one totally. I HATE being cold, it's one of the few things that can distract me during playtime :(
Maybe a small space heater?

Mockingbird said...

Hmm space heater or hot water from the shower?