Saturday, June 25, 2011

The reality show

Waking up one came to the realisation that there was a nasty headache lurking with intent behind the eyes. Coffee, breakfast and Panadol did nothing to halt its advance and in the end one made the sensible choice and called in sick. Even that did little to slow it down L

So armed with a second coffee one curled up to wait for Him to come home... and may one just take a moment to say kneeling naked at this time of the year is not as hot as it sounds... in fact it is downright nippy. Finally the car pulled into the garage, the door slammed and His footsteps sounded. As did a tell tale rustling sound... a sound that got louder as He juggled bags and himself through the door and endeavoured to keep the cat out. It was touch and go there for a minute... the cat is determined and it fights dirty.

Bursting through the door triumphantly He came round the corner to find one looking intently interested in the source of the rustling. Hello He said in surprise, what are you doing home. Rotten headache that is set to get worse... how are you? Oh I've got a migraine too... but I have supplies, He replied shaking a large paper bag gently. And I'll share... not words you hear from a Scorpio very often.

Slipping off his shoes, one followed him into the kitchen and happily snuffled through onion rings and fries as He scarfed a burger. Why does greasy food always taste so good when there is a bad headache coming... oh that's right... the taste buds go into hiding. It leaves you with only the base receptors of sweet and salt... both major components of junk food. Bless you developers of burger chains... you might be slowly poisoning entire generations around the globe, but damn you know your stuff.

Curled up in bed watching crap TV... which is about all one was capable of following and then only barely... He turns and says in him most winning manner I need some chocolate. Sighing in a very slave like manner, one slid out of the sheets to haul on clothes and trot around to the local shop. Wondering why the sun is always so freaking bright when you have a headache as one scampered along. And wether, when dreaming of slavery, if this is the sort of crap they have in mind... bet it's not.

Returning one cast aside clothes and slid back into bed where one was rewarded with small squares of chocolate. To be honest one could only think of Sheldon training Penny...

Which can be found here

And with that thought in mind one was lulled into sleep by the drone of the TV and analgesics. Secure in the knowledge that the headache will still be there when one wakes.


SBF said...

I love that show!!

Master's piece said...

It is the best :D

littlemonkey said...

I love Sheldon.

Mockingbird said...

Normally I don't like that show but that clip was priceless. Why can't I be trained in positive reinforcement? :(