Monday, June 27, 2011

Food, fondling and films

We woke up and stumbled around getting into gear to go walkies. You may have noticed a lack of the usual pre-mouse grumblings involved in that opening sentence. See what a little training can do? OK one was also bribed with breakfast on the return leg.

As one is hauling on shoes He says if we go up the stairs it should bring us out almost in front of the cafe. Those Stairs one asked distracted from lace tying. The ones where you took advantage of your slave and broke her trust? He looked around the computer screen bemused by the sudden appearance of another drama queen in our flat. Well would you rather I just pulled down your pants and sodomised you in daylight He offered. If trust is just about predictability, then doing that should be replicating the pattern and subsequently increase your trust. Sighs you see what one has to live with?

With that logic before mouse one scampered off along the waterfront. The day was quite grey and miserable and there were few people out. As we mounted the stairs and approached the landing He grabbed one by the collar, hauled one to the banister and slid his hands down the shorts, roughly slipping into one's arse. You sure you don't want a trust building exercise He enquired breathily in one's ear. Mutters why is it you can never find a walker, jogger or a convenient elderly exerciser when you need one?

The little hole in the wall cafe around the corner from us has received yet another owner and another new lease of life. In the time we have lived here it has been a restaurant, a Portuguese restaurant (which we always meant to try but it closed before we got around to it), a kebab place and now it has arisen as the Burnt Orange Cafe. A place that has chosen a simple breakfast and lunch menu that uses really fresh ingredients and generous servings. That should still one's palpitating cholesterol levels... OK maybe not with that much glorious crispy bacon J

After that, a gym visit and a shower, we set off to see "Sleeping Beauty" at the movies. It is a beautifully shot film that sets the actor's almost ethereal beauty against a wonderfully grimy Sydney. There are even some shots of the University of Sydney... yes the one of Fet fame that is always included in those nonsensical threats of law suits, and other empty promises of rather unlikely retaliations against invasions of privacy. It is also a film that has divided the critics... and upset many of them.

The film though is well worth watching... particularly by those with a fetish for partners who are drugged into unconsciousness... as it is a quietly erotic film that explores an extravagant lifestyle where age can buy beauty, and what it chooses to do with it when it is in its grasp... amongst other things. 

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Oooo that movie looks very interesting.