Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Comparing two long term butt plugs

When you go to buy a long term butt plug there are a wealth of things online to chose from. The trouble is that there is no way to compare products side by side and it is a bit of a punt when you do go to buy, so one thought a small comparison of two of them from a purely personal perspective might be useful to some of you. As you can see in the picture there isn't a lot of difference between the insertable length or the circumference of the large Njoy and the small Permanent Plug. There are some noticeable design differences between them though, including materials and shape, that one would like to explore here.

The Njoy is made from stainless steel and apart from the odd mark that came about from its unfortunate and speedy encounters with the toilet, it has survived several years of wear and tear unscathed. The Permanent Plug is made from aluminium, no doubt with weight in mind, and although relatively new it is already marked with micro abrasions that one suspects are going to get worse. As a bit of a cleanliness freak one has to say that the stainless steel is preferable.

The overall external length of the Permanent Plug is about 2.5 cm or an inch longer than the Njoy, and depending on your aim in wearing a long term butt plug, is probably something to bear in mind. It does stick out that little bit too far for comfort, and depending on your shape it may keep you from sitting down for any length of time. Mind you it will keep a human pet off the furniture beautifully J

Unfortunately that length does create another interesting issue. The external sphincter muscle is quite unique in that it is continually clenching tight. It means that it will eat things... it loves a butt plug snack. And the wider waist of the plug, which is so good for anal stretching, combined with the force of sitting means that the arse is only too happy to try and gobble the external rim of the Permanent Plug... what's a few mm or an extra quarter of an inch to a stretchy muscle? It's the difference between your plug staying where it is meant to and you needing to attach something to the handle for quick retrieval.

Now having said all of that the Permanent Plug can do a couple of things that the Njoy can't. It was designed to be an enema nozzle and a very good one at that. It was also designed with the idea that a person could just be hosed out and the plug is, as its name implies, permanent. A good case can be made for either of them... the Njoy for comfort and the Permanent for flexibility. If pushed one would come down on the side of the Njoy, but the easy fix is to just consider buying both J

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