Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The collar

Wandering in He says oh I found the most brilliant bit of jewellery. It’s a pearl necklace. Yeah so, is the reply from one small and frankly under-caffeinated slave. Yes, it is silver and shaped like a cum pattern. What a pity one has this on, one replies rattling the collar. It doesn’t have to be there He says smirking. One small slave perks with interest for the first time; really?

You see the truth about collars it that they are heavy, hot and too easy to grab. A fact He takes advantage of as He pulls one out of interesting shops to drag one into game shops. They clank when you are trying to sneak out of bed for coffee. You can’t wear anything else because it ends up in the land of overkill, and one hasn’t been able to wear any of the lovely antique silver collection in years. Last but not least, they make you the target of every customer who thinks they have a sense of humour... Honestly do you really think you are the first person to make lewd BDSM related jokes? A thing we will return to at a later date.

He smiles that nasty, lazy smile that shows all those small, even, white teeth and laughs a little as He says no. But I will give you a real one. And you can wear it with your collar.
You know there should be a way to protect small slaves from this kind of treatment before coffee...


Storm said...

Lol, this post cracked me up. i personally, have a deep affection for coffee, and anything that happens to me before coffee is purely evil.

Dina said...

Mhm, like you wouldn't be grumbling if you were coffee-filled. Puhhhlease. :p

Speaking of spillage, though... I've read a reference to the "after" picture on FL and came here to look for it. Like a goof, I was staring at it for some time, not seeing what the hell was that "after" referring to. LOL Then I finally went "Oh...!" I have no idea what I was expecting, but this wasn't it, for some bizarre reason.

Master's piece said...

Peers at his little one... oh finally someone who understands... unlike some friends :P