Monday, December 13, 2010

The feminine construct

When we met one was living in a long term lesbian relationship. Here, at the time, the scene was rather sporty and blokey. Then fem girls who wandered in were regarded with suspicion... no straight/ bisexual girls wanted thanks very much. So if they were ever going to get laid they needed to adapt or assimilate. It was like peer pressure to be bland. Personally one used to get dolled up just to make them uncomfortable.

As time went on in this relationship, one was more inclined to wear jeans and a t-shirt if one did have to wear clothes. They were quick to pull on and comfortable... and if all the t’s are black, it makes choice so much speedier. It was an image He worked on steadily... oh He liked the naked bit, just not the jeans. When we switched to 24/7 He escalated the war on ones boyish ways. Jeans became a treat one had to beg for.

Now because of the foot things have reversed somewhat and one is starting to notice certain facts... In jeans one becomes a bit unfeminine. The posture changes, how one sits has changed, there is more slouching and sprawling on furniture. It is kind of interesting and one is starting to suspect He might have been right, and think that one is more feminine with Him in charge of the wardrobe. Reading this is just going to make Him unbearable...

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Claire said...

It's true, MP. I've started wearing a steel-boned corset occasionally. Now I realise how much I slouch the rest of the time. I found myself perching on the edge of my chair in a meeting yesterday. :-)

Ms D