Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday mornings ain’t what they used to be

Well one awoke at the obscene hour of 5am and decided that the gym would be a perfect way to start the day... OK it was more a case of you really need to get your lazy arse down there and pay penance for slacking off yesterday afternoon. So off one trotted to find oneself immersed in the land of the chirpy people. What is it about that hour... it is too bright and the people are equally intense.  This general feeling of malaise was not helped by tanking half way through the second exercise... seems one might have forgotten to eat dinner last night and the body was unimpressed.

He picked one up afterwards on his way home and we had breakfast, well second breakfast for one of us, but it goes with the second shower of the morning so one did achieve some symmetry for the day. As one was scampering around desperately pretending one didn’t have to go to work, no small feat while actively engaged in  getting work gear ready,  a voice gently enquired if someone had forgotten something. Quick check... shoes, trousers, work shirt, lunch, snacks, money, phone... No one replied cautiously. Let me remind you... the price of wearing trousers. Oh that... um no, might have slipped one’s mind. Well let me refresh it for you... go and assume the position.

So off one goes to kneel on the punishment box at the end of the bed, while He selects the flogger du jour. Count for me, otherwise I might not know when to stop. We got to ten when He stops, one says thank you, and instead of inserting himself into some orifice as one expected, He gets out the new toy so the moment can be shared with you all. To be honest He was a little premature as the real colour didn’t show up until about 5 minutes later when the marks turned to a deep cherry red.
A brisk reminder

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