Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting old

One of the things you notice about getting older is that more and more of your youth gets rehashed. TV shows that you loved get turned into movies... usually losing that innocent charm that made them appealing first time round. Music has been covered, sampled, and stolen in an endeavour to be cutting edge while paying homage to people who, due to financial inducements and financially crippling lifestyles, are still touring. Clothes have been deconstructed, reconstructed and regurgitated as we reach the point where nothing is new.

No place does this all come together more than in a gym. After 30 years one is still working out to the same songs rehashed, while seeing ads on the TVs for the latest release blockbuster (they hope) of a show one loved as a child. All of this is done in exercise gear that looks suspiciously like the stuff from the 80’s with its bright neon colours. Now all that is needed is the g-string leotard to make a comeback and we will have come full circle... albeit with a modern twist of course.

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