Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The reality

On M/s boards the issue that got accusations of elitism more than anything, was our insistence that 24/7 was different from online relationships. And let one say once more... different. Not better or lesser or any other comparison. Just different. One whit in our group on Fet, when asked what is different, always says housework. While to an extent one agrees with her, what makes it different to one small slave is sex.

When you live in a 24/7 relationship there is no saying “not tonight honey”... well there is, but it just doesn’t seem to work.  Escape clauses of illness aside (and even then it is not a given) there is no “not in the mood/ too tired” because one way or the other, one is going to end up there. Sometimes He is nice about it, others one gets to play catch up... might one add the catching doesn’t always mean getting an orgasm. He just prefers it if one is a willing participant at some stage.

The other defining difference is being woken up to have sex. On Tuesday morning He came back to bed at 4am and decided an orgasm would help him get to sleep. The fact one was in a comatose state was irrelevant.... actually it may have lead to the incident. The sheet was peeled back, and warm, demanding hands were placed under hips as He helped one, what is known euphemistically in gym parlance as an “assisted lift”, into an obliging kneeling position.

As one swam towards wakefulness, the body responding faster than the logic part of the brain (why does that part always want to know what the time is?), He slid in. Thrusting deeper inside, He grabbed hold of the hips pulling one towards him, making any escape impossible. Those hands kneaded, grabbed and pulled, forcing one into full consciousness as He came, grunting in satisfaction. Leaving one arse up, dripping cum (which pooled in an annoying damp spot one got to sleep in), while frantically fishing for a tissue.

See that, one suspects, is the defining difference... wet spots.


xantu said...

Ewww tissues just sort of self destruct and leave nasty little bits all over the other bits. We keep a stack of wash cloths by the bed.

Master's piece said...

The good aloe vera ones don't :D