Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

It is not really Sunday, but it is our Sunday in that it is the second day off for us. We have some treasured rituals... gym, grocery shopping, second breakfast, sacking out in front of the TV, sex and a snooze before going out. Well one of us does... He joins in on the odd selection of the above menu and to be honest, neither of us treasures grocery shopping. In fact that might be why He joined in the sex part armed and dangerous... clover clamps at the ready.

Now one has an ambivalent relationship with nipple clamps. They hurt like a bitch as a cold start thing, but once aroused they can be a lot of fun. Of course He tried them as a cold start first... which neither endeared Him nor made one inclined to reconsider His sadism rating. Those bitey little fuckers were designed for clamping fabric apparently and they do a very good job on skin. They are supposed to tighten up as you pull them, but to be honest they hurt so much anyway you don’t notice.

You do notice when they are pulling your whole breast up by your nipples though. And there was that memorable time that he shoved the chain in ones mouth, while pulling the head back by the hair as He fucked one in the arse, but one digresses. So He amused himself by torturing one until one begged Him for permission to come. Unfortunately He said no too late and that hinky little relationship between nipple and cunt kicked in... bad slave.

Of course He has amused himself torturing one by pinching and twisting the nipples, which are as sore as fuck, at every opportunity since. And He wonders why one is staying in the office typing this, as He nibbles on potato chips in the other room... He knows one will weaken... Bastard!

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Claire said...

Mmmmm.... I have that love/hate relationship with the clover clamps too.

Ms D