Saturday, December 11, 2010


Technology has a way of in infecting things and it particularly likes flat surfaces. Looking around the other day one realised it was time to de-tech those surfaces, and it is one of those jobs that needs a hand. There are some bits that one has no idea what they even are, and one suspects He won’t like the rather draconian measures one would be inclined to resort to... the round filing system. So in bed last night one mentioned how thrilled one was that we only had one more shift each to get through before we were reunited. We get very happy about last shift for the week; a thing one suspects is quite normal and shared by anyone who works.

Unfortunately one also took that moment to express that we needed to go through the flat like a dose of salts. See Geminis are like that... too many unrelated things going on and a tendency to blurt them out as related items. A cunning look flitted across His face and He said well in that case I can go to the pub and you can do the housework. That’s how it is done isn’t it? Contemplating the idea for a minute one suggested that was not the idea at all. In fact one rather needed His help... Though going to the pub was an excellent idea. So good in fact one might be tempted to join Him.

Smiling vindictively, He said unfortunately that won’t get the housework done and that’s not how the “I go to the pub” thing works. Yes, but you are the owner and what you say is how it works one replied. All that is needed is for you to say you can go to the pub Cinderella. Anyway one retorted you don’t drink, so the whole thing isn’t going to happen and you can play tidy up too. To be honest one doesn’t think He liked that idea because He proceeded to play little drummer boy on one small slave’s arse.  

He then flipped one over and dove in tongue first... which would have been good, except one got a massive case of that tickles. It happens sometimes and one is still not sure if it is the moustache and goatee combo, or that sometimes skin is just more sensitive than others. Squirming around like a mad thing trying to escape one started to laugh. Until He stopped and flipped one back over, pinning both wrists behind the back and spanking with sharp, heavy blows until tears formed in the eyes and one begged for mercy. Scorpios are such sore losers.  

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