Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why blog now?

After years of resisting the whole blogging thing here one is doing it. Frankly as a person who is reluctant to commit anything to paper, as the mind might change in the next minute, it is something of a surprise how enjoyable it is to write about anything one feels like. Which ironically was the very thing that one was so resistant to as an idea. To be honest one thinks that we are a rather normal couple...

Generally what makes good BDSM blogs are people with fabulous fetishes, people who are just out there on the edge of extremes, and those that are wonderful portals into the alien view point; People who are about as far as you can get from one small slave. Whatever one’s personal feelings on the matter may be... His are the complete opposite. He is one of those rare owners who actually reads what one writes on the boards and is always curious as to what is going on. For Him a blog was a portal into one persons mind and a chance to see things how one does... Not that He is always thrilled about being portrayed as the selfish, meanie that He is. Ahem.

It was also a wonderful opportunity for Him to exercise one of his fetishes. See on that silly little BDSM test He scored 93% exhibitionist/ voyeur... of course what the test failed to mention is that He likes exhibiting one small slave, not himself. He takes a perverse delight in shoving one in front of a camera and immortalising the moment. So here one is blogging away to His heart’s content... with Him as the art department.

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