Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exercising power

As a person one loves to go to sleep with the curtains open, the windows open and the TV on. There is a whole raft of nesting rituals when He is not around. Of course life being what it is He hates it; all of it. Left to His own devices there would be no light, no air and no sounds whatsoever. He compromised on the curtains and the window, mainly because in this climate we will probably die of the heat otherwise and it is quieter than the fan option.

The issue of the TV is a little different. Sometimes He is too tired to care if it is on, or He is asleep already. Other times it goes more like a parental negotiation with a small child...
May one put on the TV?
But ummm... wide awake here.
Then lay there, you will go to sleep.
Don’t want to in best petulant voice.
Well may one get up?
No, it’s bedtime.
Which leaves one thinking WTF? While one might concede to be behaving like a child, one is an adult and it’s 9pm. So one lays there, listening to Him gently snore, cocooned in His beloved doona.


xantu said...

At our house it is the opposite. He MUST have the TV going. We did negotiate one sticking point. There is something about the Star Trek dialog and sound track that will yank one right out of a sound sleep. He was willing to pick something else.

Master's piece said...

There is a British police drama we get here... "The Bill" (don't know if you get it there). The opening music of that show will pull you out of a coma. It just hits all the wrong notes :(