Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still here, just

Well we spent a fun morning back at the doctor and have arrived home armed with an additional antibiotic, chest x-ray, an arm with a cotton ball attached to it with some incredibly sticky tape, and some Atovent puffers. Now the last ones are the problem. You need to expel all the air out of the lungs, depress the end and suck it down as you breathe in. Under normal circumstances it is complicated, when all your body wants to do is cough the minute you move anything, it is almost impossible.

He being the soul of helpfulness offered to choke one until gasping, jam it in and depress it as He let go. He thinks that should solve some of the major obstacles. As a former (well providing He stays away from milky treats) asthmatic, who is intimately acquainted with the sensation of fighting to breathe, you would expect a degree more empathy from your nurse. Honestly, Nurse Ratchet is starting to look like a peach.

Damn Santa’s bloody elves had better be bringing something to make up for this; no sense of taste, everything smells bad and no drinks due to being on antibiotics.... This sucks!

News just in... It's become pneumonia. Now it officially sucks donkey balls :(