Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sharing the nonsensical

The doctor rang this afternoon to see how one was going and if there was any improvement. Also to reiterate that if there were no improvements or any worries, to not hesitate to call the surgery emergency number or go to the hospital. Yes he is a great GP and his main concern is that with Christmas here, he can’t see one like he would prefer to.  Mostly though, he rang to practise his special brand of sadism in the form of some helpful rehab suggestions.

He wants one, in addition to taking those deep breathes, to blow up the odd balloon. When one finished laughing (well it is more of a sharp barking, wheezing sound), and the coughing fit that followed finally subsided, one took a moment to point out that while one can run around the block one can’t actually blow up a balloon. And one has grave doubts that the doctor can either to be honest. Of course when He who is in charge finds this out, there will no doubt be a pack of the bloody things stuffed in the Christmas stocking with "blow me" attached to them L

Girls and boys if you want to find a real sadist look no further than your local doctors’ office... they are probably teeming with the buggers.

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