Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paying the price

As a person, who ironically has a vast underwear collection, one prefers to go commando. It has always been a sad fact that they can get a man on the moon, but they haven’t been able to invent a pair of knickers that don’t end up migrating somewhere awkward.  When pushed to wear them, one favours a g-string or v-string simply because it is easier to have them already in the place they will probably end up. Only with a lot less fabric. Unfortunately with having to wear pants to work, one has also ended up having to wear underwear... it’s that or a clean pair of trousers every day which is kind of expensive.

Now part of the price of wearing the trousers is that He gets to choose the underwear. Of course He sees it as an opportunity to exercise his sense of humour. So one thought rather than bore you with stories of yet another Thursday morning flogging (which for the record went as well as expected and culminated in tears, painful sex and depressingly few marks), one would show you what one means... You just know where those are going to end don’t you L

On the bright side one suspects that the lack of marks is because one has been to the gym first the last two times and the blood is flowing elsewhere... It is sort of like the ultimate warm up.

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kaya said...

Hahaha. It looks like she's flying out of your asshole.