Saturday, December 4, 2010

The monster uncovered

The trouble with a blog is that they are one sided affairs and, having read a few blogs of BDSM relationships, the owner types can come across as mean, heartless monsters. Ones that no one in their right mind would stay with... whines it makes us look bad for staying with them. The reality is that they can be charming, witty people who just like to get their own way and have no compunction about manipulating you. Which means they are capable of random acts of kindness that help keep you off guard and compliant, and frankly He is no exception.

Due to those annoying allergy issues, the much needed protein and vitamin supplements you would normally take while weight training are next to useless. The only protein shake one can take is a rice bran one that is excellent, and if one can just stop throwing it up as soon as it hits the back of the throat life will be sweet. These little issues mean that after a workout when the body needs a protein carbohydrate top up, otherwise by the time you get home you will just eat the entire contents of the fridge, all that is available is chocolate milk. May one just take a moment to express how much one hates chocolate milk... not only is it chocolaty, it is repulsively sweet.

So upon opening the fridge and realising that a certain someone had drunk the milk, and not replaced it as promised, one was less than thrilled. On a Saturday morning one arrives at work too late to shop, leaves work with just enough time to catch the bus and arrives at the gym as the supermarket is shutting. This means the only option is giving up some of the miserably inadequate lunch break to scamper out. Half an hour is barely enough time to eat lunch under normal circumstances...

He rang this morning to see what time one would be getting to work and said He would meet one there with the milk. Considering He had just finished eight hours of graveyard shift and would have to drive out of the way to do this it seemed excessive... though fair. So as one was getting off the bus He hopped out of the car, gave one a big bear hug, murmured what coloured panties are you wearing, made a few lewd suggestions as to what could be done with them and left. Leaving one pleasantly dazed and confused, clutching chocolate milk. Mean? Yes. Monster? No.

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Arianthe said...


There's nothing quite like an Owner that's secure in their mastery. They aren't ashamed to do all sorts of lovely things just because they want to.

I'm not getting my hopes up for breakfast in bed though. :-P

Ms D