Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Modesty be Blaised

For all that one enjoys the meeting of minds on Fet, there is just as much that makes one look, blink, reread and then walk off scratching ones head. Oddly enough it is not the things that usually make people pause for thought. More often than not it is the stuff that people do relate to that brings one up short. The most recent was a question posed by someone asking how to overcome modesty/ nudity issues.

As a person who was brought up by nudists and spent a large chunk of the later teens hanging out with strippers (when you work night clubs in a small city, the only people in after hour drink venues are cabbies, strippers, hookers, the odd punter and of course a smattering of vice cops keeping an eye on them all) modesty is a rather foreign idea. It is probably why one seems to have missed out on all those delicious squishy feelings of discomfort and humiliation that so many seem to enjoy. Maybe that is what is needed... more modesty.

How the hell do you grow that in sufficient quantity?

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